• 2014 Mar, Featured Member of the month: Explora Biolabs

    Dr. Richard Lin is the Founder and CEO of Explora BioLabs, a San Diego based preclinical pharmacology contract research company. With over 20 years of academic research and biotech drug development experience, Richard brought his substantial scientific background to the research service industry. Prior to founding Explora BioLabs, Richard served as a Research Investigator at Ansata Therapeutics. He headed the group responsible for the preclinical development of Ansata’s novel antimicrobial peptides in support of their advancement toward IND filing. Richard also served as head of the Physiology Department at Genset Corporation, where he led the effort to determine the in vivo functions of Genset’s leading therapeutic proteins in the areas of obesity and diabetes. Richard’s earlier biotech experience included a Group Leader position at Corvas International, and a Senior Scientist position at Axys Pharmaceuticals. Richard conducted his postdoctoral research at UC San Diego Cancer Center, and received his PhD in Zoology from UC Berkeley.

    Explora BioLabs is a San Diego based preclinical pharmacology contract research company that provides custom-tailored discovery pharmacology services focusing on PK, non-GLP toxicology, oncology, infectious and metabolic diseases, wound healing and novel model development. The company delivers professionally-managed, cost-effective, premium vivarium services, enabling pharma, biotech and leading academic researchers to accelerate their preclinical programs by virtualizing their pharmacology infrastructure.


  • 2014 Feb, Featured Member of the month: AB Design Labs

    Founded in 2011, Antibody Design Labs (ADL) is a products & services company committed to become a centralized place to access tools, information and techniques in the field of recombinant antibody generation, engineering and design. ADL current focus is on phage display, a key molecular biology technique to engineer polypeptides, with a rich offering of kits & reagents and construction of phage libraries, both antibodies and peptides as a service. Numerous products are in the development pipeline for 2014.
    Philippe Valadon,
    Member & Founder at ADL

    Born in 1960. Medical degree and laureate of the Faculty of Medicine Necker–Enfants Malades, Paris in 1987. Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology at Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris in 1992. Joined the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York as a research fellow in 1992; since then has followed an academic track focused on the molecular biology of antibodies, antibody engineering and antibody targeting of cancer, first at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (San Diego) in 2000 and PRISM as an assistant professor in 2009.

    To learn more about Antibody Design Labs : https://www.abdesignlabs.com/
  • 2013 Oct, Featured Member of the month: Portable Genomics

    Dr Patrick Merel
    Founder & CEO
    Portable Genomics Inc. started its operations in San Diego in Summer 2013,  following a succesful seed funding round with involved investors. 


    Portable Genomics’ founder, Dr. Patrick Merel, is a molecular diagnostic expert  with a long time expertise in high throughput and automation. Patrick has spent  most of his career developing automated and robotics solutions for medical diagnostic, including genetic testing, DNA typing, sequence-based and realtime PCR assays. He has started and directed the Molecular Diagnostic laboratory of Bordeaux Blood Bank Center, moved to Bordeaux University Hospital to automate the Infectious Disease Testing Laboratory and also started HIV testing  facilities in Vietnam. Patrick has also gained extensive experience in business  development from working with the major IVD players, in Asia, Europe and the US.   
    Portable Genomics’ main goal is to leverage the growing need for genomic  information to be translated into actionable healthcare and lifestyle adjustments. 


    In that sense, Portable Genomics, pioneer in the mobile genomics space with  a consumer-based approach for the visualization and use of genome data and  information, answers the need for user-friendly applications to better understand and use genome information in multiple fields, from personalized and preventive medicine, to unexplored genome-based serious gaming Apps.


    Portable Genomics, and its growing team, has joined the Janssen Labs this month and is very happy to have been selected among the high potential  emerging healthcare companies there.


    Portable Genomics’ current focus is to serve the pharma industry, through disease specific projects, and reach out to early adopters in the field of genomics  and personalized medicine.
    For additional information, please visit www.portablegenomics.com or contact Dr. Merel at Patrick.merel@portablegenomics.com
  • 2013 Jul, Featured Member of the month: Phyco Biotech

    Phyco-Biotech company is a supplier of natural fluorescent tags APC, APCXL, CPC, RPE and BPE, known as phycobiliproteins and extracted from microalgae. We control the whole process from biomass production, extraction and purification leading to state-of-the-art phycobiliproteins. We are supplier of LifeTech and CisBio Bioassays..
    Application fields: medical diagnosis, flux cytometry, immunohistochemistry, DNA microarrays, FRET,..
    We are also  producer of trace element rich microalgae (selenium, iron, copper….) for food supplement market.
    We are currently working on R&D program to produce new natural fluorescent tag “colors” in order to extend the offer for simultaneous assays as well as modified phycobiliproteins structure to improve their spectral properties.
    We’re looking for new customers in San-Diego area and/or a partnership for the development of new assays with a supplier of high-quality biochemicals and reagents for molecular biology, life sciences, clinical, and histology areas of research.
    Nicolas Jouy graduated a PhD in Plant Physiology in 1990. He’s been working on plant and microalgae valorization ever since. Since 1995, he’s specialized in phycobiliproteins and high added value molecule purification as well as microalgae trace element enrichment. In 2011, with Gilbert Gay, he founded Phyco-Biotech company.
    Phyco-Biotech, 188 Rue Maurice Bejart – CS 57392- 34184 Montpellier Cedex 4 – FRANCE
    (: +33 (0)4 67 04 09 28
  • 2013 Jun, Featured Member of the month: ALTHEA

    Dr Magda Marquet ,CEO
    Dr. Marquet is founder and co-Chair of Ajinomoto Althea. She was co-President and CEO of Althea Technologies for ten years. Dr. Marquet is also founder and co-Chair of Althea Dx, a spin-off of Althea Technologies focusing in personalized medicine and companion diagnostics development.
    Dr. Marquet has over twenty five years of experience in the biotechnology industry in the United States and Europe. Prior to starting Althea, she held management positions at Vical Inc., Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Protein Polymer Technologies, Syntro Corporation and Transgene. Dr. Marquet is Chairman of BIOCOM and a member of the Board of Directors of the UCSD Moores Cancer Center.  She is also a member of the UCSD Biological Sciences Dean Leadership Council.  Dr. Marquet is an active angel investor, having provided early stage funding and advice for over twenty San Diego companies. She serves as a Board member for Sente, Portable Genomics and she is a Board observer for Independa.  She is also co-Chairman of the Advisory Board of MD Revolution. Dr. Marquet holds a Ph.D in Biochemical Engineering from INSA/University of Toulouse, France. Dr. Marquet has received numerous awards throughout her career. She was the winner of the 2005 Regional Ernst&Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Life Sciences category, the Athena Pinnacle award , the Most Admired CEO award from the San Diego Business Journal and while leading Althea Technologies, received several Best Companies to Work For awards from the San Diego Business Journal.
  • 2013 Avr, Featured Member of the month: Elcelyx

    Alain D. Baron, M.D, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Elcelyx was founded in 2010 with venture capital backing, based on Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM) technology. Elcelyx’s proprietary, first-in-class Gut Sensory Modulators are delivered directly to the lower gut where they intensify the body’s natural food-driven signals that facilitate glucose regulation and create a sense of satiety.
    The Elcelyx proprietary product candidates, NewMet for Type 2 diabetes and Lovidia for weight management, are composed of active pharmaceutical and dietary ingredients that have been safely used by patients and consumers for decades. Both programs represent reduced-risk, near-term blockbuster opportunities with longer-term growth potential into additional markets.
    Elcelyx is led by an experienced management team and Board of Directors with track records of success in drug development and commercialization. The team is supported by premier investors and seasoned scientists and clinicians. The company utilizes a low fixed-cost virtual business model that leverages the use of an external network of consultants and contractors.
    Elcelyx is headquartered in San Diego, California.
    Alain Baron was named President and CEO of Elcelyx Therapeutics in 2010. Prior to Elcelyx, Dr. Baron was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence and a member of the Life Science Team at Morgenthaler Ventures, a position he has held since 2008.
    Prior to joining Morgenthaler, he was Senior Vice President of Research at Amylin Pharmaceuticals where he served in senior roles in R&D since 1999. Previously, Dr. Baron worked at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, where he served as Professor of Medicine and Director, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism. He has also held faculty positions in the Division of endocrinology and Metabolism at University of California, San Diego, and the Veterans Administration Medical Center in San Diego. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards for his research in diabetes and vascular disease, including the 1996 Outstanding Clinical Investigator Award from the American Federation for Medical Research. He is also a past National Institutes of Health MERIT award recipient. Dr. Baron is co-editor of the Ellenberg & Rifkin Textbook of Diabetes, has authored over 100 original publications and is an inventor on more than 20 patents.
    Dr Baron graduated from McGill University, Canada (B.S. in Biology with honors) and the Medical College of Georgia Augusta (MD). Postdoctoral studies were completed at the University of California, San Diego.
    Read more about Elcelyx's last news here.