FBB July 2020 – Newsletter

July 2020 – Newsletter
What a best way to start the summer with water immersion objectives! That is exactly what PerkinElmer`s technologies are able to provide you for high content screening imaging. So if you are curious about it, check out the description below.

Companies of the month

Opera Phenix Plus
Enhancements and next generation Opera Phenix
Faster responses, Deeper insights, More discoveries

Opera Phenix Plus with the liquid handling option
The Opera Phenix Plus high content screening imaging system offers simultaneous multicolor confocal image acquisition thanks to a multiple-cameras configuration.
The Opera Phenix Plus has a unique optical configuration to simultaneously detect up to 4 independent fluorescent channels while drastically reducing crosstalk. Together with proven water immersion objectives, you will achieve higher throughput and richer content, making it the ideal high content screening system for discriminating phenotypes and studying complex disease models. With its on board liquid handling option and fast imaging rates (100 frames/s), you can tackle fast-response assays such as calcium flux, cardiomyocyte beating, receptor internalization, or subtle morphological movements.

Harmony software enables you to control every aspect of an Opera Phenix Plus experiment through a seamless workflow-based user interface.  From setting up an acquisition protocol to analyzing images and evaluating results, Harmony software guides you through the entire process and provides you instant feedback.
  • Analyze common HCS assays with more than 30 ready-made algorithm solutions, or create your own with simple image analysis building blocks or even distribute analysis over a cluster on the cloud
  • Easily quantify complex cellular phenotypes based on changes in morphology, fluorescence intensity, intensity distribution, positional measurements, and texture parameters
  • Identify and follow phenotypic changes over time to accurately quantify label-free live cell images
  • Visualize and analyze your samples in 3D for greater depth of information and insights of these more physiologically relevant model systems
  • Image and analyze on-the-fly or use integrated software to plot IC50 curves from HCS feature data
  • Find and filter image metadata and results quickly via integrated sortable database
  • Easily migrate image data in companion software for multivariate analysis (PCA) or use deep learning tools to gain further insights
Moreover, Harmony allows you to:
  • Easily quantify cellular phenotypes even in complex 3D models
  • Accurately target your objects of interest for greater efficiency thus saving considerable amounts of time and storage space
  • Discriminate complex and rich phenotypes to generate linear classifiers with PhenoLOGIC machine learning

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