FBB June 2020 – Newsletter

June 2020 – Newsletter
This month, we have the pleasure to feature one of our longtime member PerkinElmer introducing their live cell imaging system that will ease your experimentation without missing any details.
Check out how this technology can assist you and be the solution to your problem.

Companies of the month

MuviCyte™ Live cell Imaging system


Live-cell imaging enables you to learn more about your cells:
  • When an event happens
  • How fast it happens
  • By which mechanism
  • Living cells are more physiologically relevant than fixed cells and thus a better tool to study cell biology dynamics and kinetics.
  • No need to stop your experiment at different time points – just run live and record it.
  • Identify protein expression, confluency, the size of your cell populations, and more.
The Muvicyte system is designed to operate inside your incubator so you can maintain your cells under optimal conditions and keep them healthy for hours, day, or weeks at a time. Because it is controlled by an external PC, you can observe your cells remotely, helping to keep the chamber at optimum levels of temperature, CO2 and humidity. The automated operation allows you to focus on your science while the instrument runs unattended.

With 3 colors fluorescence imaging, Z-stacking and stitching capabilities, you can perform a wide range of assays in a variety of culture vessels, including chambers slides, Petri dishes, flasks, microplates, and other specialized vessels.
The Muvicyte distinguishes itself thanks to very high image quality, extremely robust focusing throughout days, and thanks to an open access enabling outstanding flexibility.
The Muvicyte movie making and analysis software pieces allow turnkey creation of movies and data interpretation.
If you want, when environmental controlled is not required, you can use your personal MuviCyte imager small footprint on lab bench for routine cellular measurements. 
When more advanced image analysis is required outside of the standard offerings of the MuviCyte Apps, you can utilize PerkinElmer’s Columbus software to directly import images to measure for example, cell population analysis, protein translocation assays, single-cell tracking, neurite analysis, and much more.

Why wait, let your incubations happen now to make discoveries for tomorrow.
For more information please visit the PerkinElmer website: https://www.perkinelmer.com/product/muvicyte-live-cell-imaging-kit-hh40000000

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