FBB April 2020 – Newsletter

April 2020 – Newsletter
While everyone is currently impacted by the pandemic situation, the French BioBeach remains active for our members.
Our interaction and respective activities need to be reorganized but let`s try to take advantage of this period to think about new project, collaboration and innovate about your organization or strategy.
In the meantime, the French BioBeach want to thank all our members that are currently working hard to provide or support a solution to this pandemic situation. But we also want to remind you to be cautious and patient.
Our participation to the DeepTech week in Paris illustrated perfectly what are the numerous challenge we need to face tomorrow and what will be the possible solution if we work together.

FBB at the DeepTech Week – Part I
The 1st global gathering of the deep tech ecosystem


The objectives of the Deep Tech Week:
1) Highlight the crucial role of research and technology among political and economic actors, highlighting innovations that address priority issues, particularly inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
2) Provide visibility to entrepreneurs, laboratories, startups, universities, research centres, or support structures that bring these projects to life and accelerate the development of deep tech.
3) Foster collaborations to develop solutions and accelerate their development. This is achieved by connecting research stakeholders with experienced entrepreneurs, facilitating technology transfer and innovation financing, and encouraging new collaborations between startups and large companies.
4) Lead to the creation of new strategic pathways by encouraging collaborations between different industrial sectors and bringing them together around cross-cutting technological topics (such as quantum applications or synthetic biology) and common issues such as the fight against climate change.
Among others, the FBB was representing our members to the DeepTech Tour:

The Deeptech Tour goes through the French university campuses to create bridges between the research ecosystem and the startup world to commercially develop technologies and tackle some of the biggest issues the world faces.

It was also a pleasure for the French BioBeach to be invited for the first-year anniversary of the Deeptech Plan organized by bpifrance and celebrating more than 250 deeptech startups that have already received €85 million in funding. €1 billion has been mobilised to boost the equity of deeptech companies and €380 million has already been invested in 2019.

The FBB also appreciated the discussion about the current context for clinical research for deeptech startups, access to reimbursement for Artificial Intelligence solutions and new approaches to make the environment more adapted to deeptech and healthtech startups.

The FBB was also eager to participate to the Hello Tomorrow global summit to represent our members.
This global summit aimed to focus on Deep Tech for future, in a way related to life science, as an interdisciplinary program to understand and question tomorrow.
Unfortunately, but reasonably, this event is now postponed to October 21-23rd October. The French BioBeach will be there for the Part II of the DEEP TECH WEEK, and if you are too curious to wait until then, please have a look at this trailer:

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Networking Events
We are sorry to say that our usual networking event are postponed for now.
But we welcome you to reach out to us and interact with the FBB community through our multiple social network platforms.
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Avoid non necessary meeting and commuting. Rather opt for teleworking and online presentation.

In the meantime, keep healthy while taking care of you and others!

The French BioBeach team
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