FBB June 2019 – Newsletter

June 2019 – Newsletter
The French BioBeach is happy to feature LASEA as our company of the month. You are going to be amazed by all the solutions they offer for life science industry.
Check also our selection of coming event in San Diego and specifically our special announcements for the FACT-Biodiversity talks and the FrenchFounders meeting.
Company of the month
LASEA is specialized in laser precision solutions for high-end micromachining applications requiring a high precision on virtually all materials.
LASEA has 20 years of experience in building laser solutions and has a team of seasoned laser engineers and PhDs available to develop laser processes. We are available to discuss your needs and offer a free half-day of laser expertise to issue a preliminary feasibility report. We offer standard and adapted laser micromachining machines or R&D laser set-up, expertise services and job-shop applications in our lab in San Diego.

LASEA has expertise in functional texturing (hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, bacteriophobicity, osseointegration, etc), marking, drilling, cutting, hybrid welding (e.g., glass/metal), decoating or engraving.


For example, we worked with Sanofi on a traceability system for syringes and used our NAGINELS patent (intra-volume marking of transparent materials by changing the refractive index, without weakening the material) to mark a datamatrix code inside the syringe within a fully automated supply chain (Video here).
We have expertise in many other applications in life science markets such as microfluidics chips (cutting channels or micro-welding), medical implants, catheters, wire stripping and so on. LASEA also works for Fortune 500 groups and leaders active in other high-added value industries such as electronics, batteries, aerospace or luxury manufactures (Swiss watches, luxury eyewear). We also serve contract manufacturers, R&D centers or universities.

LASEA is headquartered in Belgium since 1999 and has subsidiaries in the U.S. (San Diego), France and Switzerland and has sold 280+ laser systems in 27 countries on 4 continents.

If you have any queries on our laser micromachining technology, please do not hesitate to contact LASEA U.S. General Manager, Robert Braunschweig.
You may also consult our website, corporate brochure, LinkedIn or YouTube channel for additional information.


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Happy Hour Networking Event
bella vista social club & caffe
bella vista
June 14th
from 5pm to 7pm (PST)
Social Activity
The survey stay open for new comments and suggestions.

Local News/Events
Scripps Seaside Forum
(8610 Kennel Way, San Diego, CA 92037)
May 29 (5pm to 8pm).
  • The FrenchFounders (French-speaking CEOs) will meet in San Diego on May 30:


Registration required.
This month will be the occasion to celebrate music on June 21. Launched in 1982 in France as the Fête de la Musique, it is now a worldwide celebration.
In the meantime, we hope to see you at our events!


Kevin Adam, Beatrice David Shevlin and Stephane Richard of the French BioBeach team


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