• Biocom in France: Part Deux

    Franco-American biotech ties flourish

    By Joe Panetta11:55 A.M.MAY 4, 2015








    San Diego delegation and PACA partners outside the offices of Innate Pharma. — Biocom

    (Editor's note: This is Part 2 of Biocom CEO Joe Panetta's return trip to southeastern France with a delegation from Biocom and French BioBeach, to strengthen the partnership between the region and Southern California. You can read Part 1 of the trip to Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, or PACA, here)

    For two days since arriving here in Marseille to continue our Biocom and French BioBeach delegation trip, we have been awed by the growth of this life science cluster within the second largest city in France. We have visited clinical research hospitals and life science parks, an incubator and biotech companies including one that has been quite successful, as well as met with regional political and business leaders and potential partners.

    It has been a whirlwind two days in which our hosts and Biocom partners - Eurobiomed and the South Bio Alliance – have gone to extraordinary lengths to extend their hospitality and a unique perspective on all that this region can offer in the life sciences arena.

    We began yesterday with a visit to the Luminy campus of Marseille Immunopol, the subcluster for immunology in Marseille. It has unique positioning for immunology as a key technology here and has created an alliance that brings together all of its stakeholders within a collaborative ecosystem for innovation in immunology. The Immunopole includes hospitals, research institutes, academic labs and biotech companies.

    Marseille has a 40-year history of discovery and development in immunology beginning with Beckman Coulter Innotec which led to 60 spin-offs and other start-ups such as Innate Pharma, now a very successful company that we visited within the Immunopole. Innate has raised $185 million and has completed $1.8 billion in deals since 2006 including its most recent with AstraZeneca worth $250 million in initial payment with milestones worth up to $1.3 billion.

    A second company that we talked to was HalioDx, a spin-off of Qiagen Marseille that has a unique biomarker portfolio for use potentially by large pharma in developing companion diagnostics.

    Also within the Luminy Park is the Association Grand Luminy, the sole biotech incubator in the south of France which has operated since 1985. It has 2 missions: to sustain the local economy and to create and grow companies. Since 2009 Grand Luminy has also run a Biotech Nursery to host start ups from the incubator within a structure that includes support services, an entrepreneurship manager, strategic partnership development, patenting, communications management and corporate identity.

    To obtain a better understanding of the ability of the Marseille cluster to conduct clinical trials we visited AP-HM, the 3rd largest university hospital in France built on the concept of combining a high-technology hospital with research training. The hospital is now running more than 300 clinical trials.

    The day ended with expert presentations on human resources management, drug regulation in France and company financing at the 400-year old Palais de la Bourse, which is now home to our hosts for the afternoon and evening, the International Chamber of commerce of Marseille.

    The leaders of the Regional Council, Stephane Richard of French BioBeach and I exchanged greetings and addressed guests representing life science companies, the media and business leaders followed by a networking event held to welcome our delegation. While the event lasted well into the evening we knew that we could not end the day in this great city without once again sampling the remarkable bouillabaisse that is so expertly prepared within a few great establishments here, and at 10 PM in the evening we descended upon Le Rhul Restaurant. By midnight we were satiated and exhausted, and returned to our hotel.

    Today's schedule began even earlier in the morning with a visit to the IPC Paoli Calmettes cancer treatment center. It is one of a group of cancer treatment and research centers created by the great French President Charles de Gaulle after World War II, of which there are 20 in France.

    IPC Paoli is unique in that it includes a new unit called IPC Drug Discovery which works primarily in technologies that can detect blood levels of antibodies in an attempt to better identify weaknesses of cancer cells and DNA repair mechanisms. It also has a strong epigenetics group and a group working on metastasis. The unit is trying to find partners in pharma and biotech to conduct Phase I trials and to establish start up companies.

    Investment funding is available in Marseille as we learned in a presentation on PACA Investissmente, which sponsors a capital investment fund of 19.45 million Euro,managed by Thurenne Capital. Since its first investment in 2011, it has made investments in 38 companies and created 32 partnerships in the PACA region. To apply for funding a company must be early stage and incorporated in the region.

    This trip would not have been complete without a visit to NeuroService, a contract research firm located outside Marseille in Aix-en-Provence. The company has ties to San Diego as the region's first Biocom member firm here, and does 60 percent of its business in the US. NeuroService specializes in pharmacological assays based on electrophysiological recordings of acute brain and spinal cord slices, and cultured neurons to support early phases of CNS and pain R&D programs.

    Our second long day in the region ended with an informative tour of Aix-en-Provence city center and a farewell dinner with our most cordial hosts. It has been a truly incredible visit here from the standpoint of experiencing just how similar this area is to San Diego in its life science collaboration, diversity and innovation.

    A two-year gap in visiting our partners here perhaps provided a better perspective on their progress, but we talked over dinner about the opportunity to work together more closely in the future as the bridge we are building attracts more traffic.


  • French biotech: A return visit

    Biocom delegation travels to southeastern France for biotech

    By Joe Panetta12:05 P.M.

    Officials of San Diego's Biocom and Eurobiomed, an agency in southeastern Francce, sign an agreement to help biotech companies do business in each other's regions. From left, Magda Marquet, founder of Althea Technologies and chair of Biocom; Jacquie Berthe, president of Eurobiomed and a scientific director of Sanofi-Aventis; and Joe Panetta, president and CEO of Biocom.

    (Editor's note: Biocom, the San Diego-based life science trade group, has long cultivated ties with biotech in other nations. Biocom CEO Joe Panetta describes the group's latest mission, a return trip to France.)

    Two years ago I reported to U-T San Diego readers on the first trip by Biocom, French BioBeach and our members to Nice and Marseilles to explore partnership opportunities between life science clusters in the two regions of southern California and the Cotes d'Azur/Provence. That visit was eye-opening for all of us who participated, as we gained a great appreciation for the entrepreneurial environment and the long history of life science company formation and success, as well as the standout experience here is the conduct of clinical trials for oncology products.

    The relationship was furthered last year as representatives of both regions including Biocom, French BioBeach, and what is now known as the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur South Bioalliance

    signed a formal partnership agreement during the BIO 2014 convention in San Diego.

    We returned to Nice and Marseilles in the spirit of our formal partnership this week with some past participants from San Diego, including Biocom Board Member and lead patent counsel at WSGR, Jeffrey Guise, Mike Honeysett of Acea and me, as well as new delegates such as the CEOs of Flow Paradigm, OncioMed, Abreos Biosciences (with one of his scientists) and CVAC Systems – a very inquisitive and engaged group who have asked probing questions of our hosts here while thus far expressing enthusiasm about what we have seen on the first part of our trip in Nice.

    Here's an update on the state of life science in this region in 2015 to provide a bit of perspective and comparison with southern California.

    The industry here is represented by 400 companies employing 10,000 people. Leading companies here include Beckman Coulter, Galderma, Sanofi-Aventis and Nicox. It is France's second largest center for clinical trials with 30,000 doctors and 39,000 hospital beds. It is a center of convergence of biotechnology, aquatic technologies, IT and wireless communications and tourism, and it has 6 universities including the largest in France in Marseilles (if this all sounds familiar it is because it is a mirror image of San Diego).

    Two years ago I reported that what struck me most about this region is its advanced experience in the field of clinical medicine. This was reinforced yesterday on our visits to the Centre Antoine Lacassagne, a regional cancer center that is close to completing a synchro-cyclotron proton therapy device that is the first of its kind in Europe, and to the national Alzheimer's pilot Institut Claude Pompidou for a presentation of some leading research projects of non-drug therapies to enhance cognitive function in patients through the use of IT-based solutions.

    The device at Lacassagne is one-fourth the weight of previous devices and uses 1/8 the electricity with a new dose administration technology called PBS – pencil beam scanning which is intensity- modulated to provide much higher "conformation" to tumor shape than past devices.

    We followed up with presentations by lead scientific researchers at the Institute of Biology Valrose within the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, an international research center that addresses fundamental topics in developmental biology with links to associated diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity and utilizing various scientific approaches such as genetics, cell signaling and integrative physiology carried out on a wide range of model organisms.

    The impressive presentations on human adipose stem cells and obesity, on generation of functional beta cells from alternative pancreatic cell subtypes, on a flow cytometry iBV platform and on experimental histology in development and disease drew comments and questions by our group regarding the competitive nature of the work with what is being done in San Diego.

    Our long day ended with all of our companies making quick pitch presentations to an invited group of Nice life science company representatives at the Team Cote d'Azur office.

    Today (Tuesday) began with a legal presentation on doing business in France by the FIDAL law group ( the most popular question being whether it is actually possible to terminate an employee in France) followed by a day of visits to some of Nice's leading life science companies.

    Two that were of particular relevance to our San Diego group were Integra Life which is a device company based in New Jersey and producing brain catherization and mapping products here, and TxCell which is developing T cell immunotherapies for severe chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's Disease. The latter drew questions from the entire group because the technology was an area of familiarity to many of our participants but even more so because all agreed that the research rivaled what they had seen in immunotherapy product development in San Diego.

    Another long day ended with our transfer to Marseilles and a late-evening reception hosted by the Eurbiomed-Provence Promotion Team. We'll spend the next two days here in Marseilles further examining the many potential opportunities for our southern California companies.


  • FBB December 2014 Newsletter

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    Big Thank You to our Sponsors & Members
    French BioBeach December 2014 Newsletter
    Dear French BioBeach community,
    Holiday Season has officially begun, let the rush to the end of the year begin…accompanied by holiday parties and friends/family gatherings. We started the month with the sad news San Diego won't be the home of the 2017 America's cup (Congrats Bermuda!), then we forgot all about it when diving into planning some 2015 FBB events & opportunities for your companies.
    Let's begin with a recap of our November events with our FocusOn Biosimilars, our 3rd edition of the FBB Fall Regatta, as well as the Innovation Night and the 2014 Biocom Annual Dinner we attended.
    Join us this Friday to network with the community during our monthly Happy Hour rendez-vous. Mark your calendars for our 3 upcoming 2015 events, an event on the Latest Innovations to Optimize Point-Of-Care Rapid Diagnostic Testing, a Biocom Breakfast on European Expansion Strategies and our South Bio Alliance Delegation coming in SoCal to meet with you.
    Attend one of our members webinar, and conclude by reading about the development of 3-D Organ Tissues, a Report on the Boom in California’s Biomedical Industry as well as 5 San Diego Products Named Top 10 Life Sciences Innovations of 2014.
    Thanks to your support we continue to monitor what happens in the Life Sciences community fostering new partnering and business opportunities.
    Happy December month and Thank You for reading,

    The French BioBeach Team
    Recap FBB Hosted & Some Attended Events
    FBB Focus on: "Challenges associated with biosimilars"
    When was it? Thursday, Nov 6th, 5:30 to 9:00 PM
    Where? 12235 El Camino Real Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92130.
    What happened? Links to PicturesProgram & Presentation
    What's next? Look for our next Focus On event beginning of next year..

    Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati LogoBioagiltytix
    3rd Edition of"Life Sciences on the Bay" FBB Fall Regatta
    When was it? Saturday Nov 15th, 12:00 to 3:00pm
    Where? San Diego Bay
    What happened? This year was a special year, as we did race for a cause & dedicated this race to Alex. Our goal was to initiate our efforts to raise awareness for the undiagnosed children. Links to Pictures:
    Innovation Night @ La Jolla Playhouse
    When Was it? Wednesday Nov 12th
    Where? La Jolla Playhouse
    What happened? Members of the life science & tech communities (including FBB!) were treated to a spectacular reception followed by the Playhouse’s smash hit musical, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Pharmatek President (and Biocom Board member) Tim Scott again acted as co-chair of the event.

    A video & some pictures HERE

    2014 Biocom Annual Dinner, “Making Waves”
    When Was it? Thursday Nov 20th
    Where? Hyatt Regency La Jolla
    What happened? Read from Biocom & some pictures HERE
    Upcoming FBB December Events
    Happy Hour
    Don't forget our Monthly (2nd Friday) Networking
    Happy Hours!
    When? Friday Dec 12th, 5:00 to 7:00pm
    Where? Bella Vista Social Club & Caffe, 2880 Torrey Pines Scenic Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037, United States.
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    2015 FBB Events & Opportunities

    Latest Innovations to Optimize Point-Of-Care Rapid Diagnostic Testing
    Save the Date! French BioBeach co-organizes with Odexxo, Abbiotec and JPac Medical a workshop on the latest Innovations to Optimize Point-Of-Care Rapid Diagnostic Testing. Stay Tuned for more details to come…
    When? Thursday Feb 5th
    Where? TBD


    Biocom Breakfast on European Expansion Strategies
    Save the Date! More details to come … French BioBeach organizes a Biocom Breakfast on European Expansion Strategies, We'll talk about regulations, clinical and business development strategies. Among our speakers, our french MedTech consulting partner, MD101.
    When? Tuesday Feb 10th, 8am-10am
    Where? Biocom

    South Bio Alliance in SoCal
    Mark your Calendar!!
    Between February 9th-13th, 2015, FBB is welcoming our South Bio Alliance French Delegation here in San Diego. It is a great opportunity for you to learn more about France Key advantages for your European Expansion. Contact us today to learn more & reserve a time to speak with delegation members.
    When? Feb 9th-13th, 2015
    Where? Southern California, meetings can take place from San Diego to Los Angeles.

    More about the
    South Bio Alliance
    More detail about the upcoming delegation,
    Send us an email HERE
    Company of the Month
    Founded in 2005, American Preclinical Services (APS) is a State of the Art, ISO 17025 accredited, AAALAC accredited, USDA registered, and GLP compliant Contract Research Organization (CRO) located in Minneapolis, MN.
    APS performs SO10993, USP <87>, USP <88>, JMHLW, and custom biocompatibility testing. Our large and small animal research services include interventional, surgical, toxicology, pharmacology, pain, cadaver and bioskills labs and model development.
    We have one of the largest preclinical capacities in the world including three Siemens catheterization labs. In addition to our in-vivo and in-vitro
    Scott Barnhill, AS, SRS, RLATG
    Scientist/Business Development Executive
    research services we also offer comprehensive pathology services for the medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. We’ve tailored our processes, capacity, and customer service to keep up with today’s fast paced business cycles. APS will go from a quote to a ready to implement study design with your time lines in full focus.

    Technology of the Month

    SATT Sud-Est is a French BioBeach partner specialized in Intellectual Property. Each month we will present a technology from their portfolio. This month, we would like to highlight a technology that allows a new safe Molecule to Prevent, alleviate and treat acute, subacute and chronic pains

    PAIN (IP)
    Current pain treatments: bad sides effects, in particular gastrointestinal and renal deleterious side effects, but also tolerance, interfere with inflammation.
    Nav 1.9 channel : more and more studied pathway on pain understanding.
    Pain treatment for acute, subacute or chronic pain. The technology includes also in vitro, in vivo or ex vivo screening methods for identifying agents that modulates the targeted Nav channel.

    Key Benefits Vs State of the Art
    -No side effect, no toxicity
    -New local treatment for pain at least as efficient as Ibuprofen
    -Molecule which treats specifically the pain’s origin (no systemic action)
    -Original and cheap molecule, easy to obtain
    Development Status
    Interested in Learning More about that IP? Teaser is available HERE, then contact French BioBeach Info@FrenchBioBeach.com
    Member Event | In The News
    Member Event
    Webinar: Your Clinical Trial Master File with Ennov
    and DIA eTMF data standards.
    Ennov's webinar will explain the importance of using data standards (DIA reference model) in an Electronic Document Management System, to improve the interoperability between your Clinical operation team and to enhance your Clinical electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) efficiency and quality.
    When? Tuesday Dec 16th, 11:00am-12noon PST
    Where? Register Here
    In The News
  • Biocom Annual Dinner Makes Waves | Innovation Night @ La Jolla Playhouse

    December Events FBB Attended


    Communique by Biocom on their annual dinner

    Sold-Out Biocom Annual Dinner Makes Waves

    The 2014 Biocom Annual Dinner, “Making Waves”, was definitely one for the ages. Many attendees of the sold-out event came away saying the program this year was one of the strongest ever. We thankall our sponsors for making this evening possible, especially Lead Sponsors BioMed Realty and VWR.

    The evening started with the popular networking reception, where old friendships were renewed and new relationships born. Retiring to the ballroom, the evening started off by a hearty greeting by Biocom Board Chair Magda Marquet and Biocom President and CEO Joe Panetta, followed by a “selfie” of the audience from the podium (available on Biocom’s Facebook page).

    City of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer welcomed attendees and emphasized the importance of the life sciences to the region’s economy and to him personally. Congressman Scott Peters was then awarded Biocom’s “Elected Official of the Year,” becoming one of a very few policy makers who have won the award more than once. Due to votes in Washington DC, Congressman Peters accepted the award via video.

    Stephanie Venn-Watson, Director of the Translational Medicine and Research Program of the National Marine Mammal Foundation, described that organization’s work in Point Loma using dolphins in diabetes research. Dr. Venn-Watson pointed out that for purposes of diabetes research, dolphins are actually more similar to humans than rats or other mammals. Among its most exciting findings so far:dolphins have an “off switch” for some types of diabetes, giving hope that this research will lead to a similar finding in humans.

    The first portion of the evening closed with one of the most moving, powerful patient presentations ever given on a Biocom stage, as Sarah Wilson talked about her family’s challenges with two young children with Type I diabetes. She described the family’s specially trained dog, Ruby, who can detect dangerously low and high blood sugar by scent, and how Ruby likely saved her daughter’s life on the very first day of service by alerting the Wilsons to dangerous fluctuations in glucose readings overnight. And also how, after re-training the dog to track two members of the family, they realized this was aging the dog pre-maturely, and so now Sarah again wakes up every two hours during the night to test their blood sugars to give the dog recuperation time, lest they lose this valuable member of their team. Few who heard this family’s story will forget it.

    The keynote speaker was Dr. Rudy Tanzi, one of the world’s foremost Alzheimer’s researchers. Dr. Tanzi described how we got to where we currently are in our knowledge of Alzheimer’s: how it is believed that damage may start 15 years before any outward symptoms appear; the relationship between amyloid plaques, tangles, and manifestation of alzheimer’s, and the key and recurring role San Diego researchers and companies have played in advancing this knowledge.

    Dr. Tanzi talked about the difficulty in how Alzheimer’s has traditionally been modeled in animals (specifically, mice), in that it was not leading to discoveries that would effectively treat the disease. He hopes this will change with his team’s announcement last month that they had developed a method to create “Alzheimer’s in a dish,” human brain cells which manifest Alzheimer’s. This was accomplished by placing the cells in a gel, where they could develop neural networks similar to those found in the human brain. For the first time, researchers will be able to work with living human cells afflicted with Alzheimer’s. It is greatly hoped this breakthrough will accelerate research and effective treatments for Alzheimer’s. If a therapeutic cocktail can stop tangle development and the brain inflammation which is known to accompany Alzheimer’s development by “turning off” a physiological switch, it is hoped that an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s is possible.

    “Rock Star of Science,” Dr. Tanzi is also a passionate musician who has performed with Joe Perry of Aerosmith, among others. He closed his presentation by playing “Remember Me,” a beautiful, haunting song he wrote with Chris Mann, finalist on NBC’s “The Voice,” whose father is afflicted with Alzheimer’s. It is hoped this song will become an anthem to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and give a voice to those patients and their loved ones. It will be in official release soon, we will keep you posted when it is available.

    Pictures from the event will be posted in the coming days on the Biocom Facebook page (please “like” us so you will see these in your facebook feed). Thank you to our members and their guests for sharing this most special of evenings with us, and to our sponsors for making it possible.

    The Wilson family visited Biocom member Dexcom, which makes some of the devices the children use.

    Biocom Board Chair Magda Marquet and Biocom President and CEO Joe Panetta

    San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer welcomes guests

    Congressman Scott Peters Accepts the Biocom 2014 Elected Official of the Year Award via video

    Charles McWilliams of VWR

    Stephanie Venn-Watson of the National Marine Mammal Foundation

    Patient Advocate Sarah Wilson speaks about the challenges of raising two Type I diabetic children

    R. Kent Griffin, Jr. of BioMed Realty Trust

    Keynote speaker Dr. Rudolph Tanzi



  • Curtana pharmaceuticals awarded NIH small business technology transfer grant to advance glioblastoma cancer therapy

    Curtana pharmaceuticals awarded NIH small business technology transfer grant to adavance glioblastoma cancer therapy

    CURTANA PHARMACEUTICALS AWARDED NIH SMALL BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER GRANT TO ADVANCE GLIOBLASTOMA CANCER THERAPYCURTANA PHARMACEUTICALS AWARDED NIH SMALL BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER GRANT TO ADVANCE GLIOBLASTOMA CANCER THERAPYCurtana Pharmaceuticals, a privately-held, preclinical stage pharmaceutical company developing the first targeted small molecule therapeutics for glioblastoma (GBM) and other brain cancers, announced today that it has been awarded $225,000 by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program.  The STTR grant follows closely on the heels of a $7.6 million product development grant funded by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). Collaborating with Curtana on the STTR grant as Principal Investigator is Professor Santosh Kesari, Director of Neuro-Oncology at Moores Cancer Center, University of California, San Diego and co-founder of Curtana whose research, utilizing a novel combined pharmacophore-based small molecule design methodology, has discovered several candidate compounds.The joint project will involve important in vivo pre-clinical studies designed to validate the efficacy of a small molecule inhibitor of OLIG2 function in GBM.  Typically, OLIG2 is not active in normal brain tissue and is not found in normal tissues outside the central nervous system.  However, it is highly expressed in all diffuse gliomas and nearly 100% of glioma cancer stem cells (CSCs) that are positive for the CD133 stem cell marker.  The relevance for therapy derives from the finding that over-expression of OLIG2 drives turmorigenesis and promotes resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.“The STTR grant award reinforces the promise of our technology platform and approach to treating glioblastoma,” stated Gregory Stein, M.D., M.B.A., Chief Executive Officer, Curtana Pharmaceuticals.  “Both the financial support of the NIH grant and the collaboration with Dr. Kesari and his team, a prominent cancer research group, will accelerate the development of our therapy for brain cancer patients who currently have limited therapeutic options.”Current treatments have evolved little over the last two decades for GBM, which has a median survival of less than 15-months and a five-year survival rate of less than 10%.  GBM is the most common and most aggressive of the malignant primary brain tumors in adults and one of a group of tumors referred to as gliomas.  Incidence in the U.S. is approximately 10,000 cases per year.  Conventional therapeutic approaches for GBM often include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, which target the tumor bulk, but have limited effect on the cancer stem cells (CSCs) that drive tumor growth and recurrence.About Curtana Pharmaceuticals

    Curtana Pharmaceuticals, founded in 2013, is a privately-held, preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company currently headquartered in San Diego, California.  The company focuses on the development of novel, first-in-class, small molecule therapeutics targeting cancer stem cells in the central nervous system for the treatment of glioblastoma and other cancers.  Curtana’s OLIG2 inhibitors will be the only adjuvant treatment for nearly all gliomas, including high-grade glioblastomas, which specifically targets the cancer stem cells and is a potent radiosensitizer.  For more information, visit www.curtanapharma.com.  The grant reported in this press release was supported by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R1CA186435.  The grant will finance 100% of the proposed project.


    The content of this release is solely the representation of Curtana Pharmaceuticals and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.


    This press release source is PR Buzz.

  • 2014 BIOCOM/French BioBeach’s Trade Delegation to France



    2nd edition US trade delegation to France Sept/Oct 2014

    2nd edition US trade delegation to France Sept/Oct 2014


  • TxCell raises €16M on the French stock exchange


    The fund raising by the Sophia Antipolis-based biotech company will enable it to market its treatment for Crohn’s disease


    TxCell, with its head office in Sophia Antipolis, has just announced that it has raised €16.2M after its floatation on  the French stock exchange.

    The company, specializing in immunotherapy for the treatment of chronic inflammatory auto-immune diseases, was supported by the company’s key shareholders, Auriga Partners, Seventure and Innobio and by Bpifrance Participations who subscribed to the capital increase for the amounts of €5.7M and €8.1M respectively.

    TxCell makes this type of innovative cell therapy economically viable for the first time. Using the patient’s own cells it treats chronic and severe inflammatory and auto-immune diseases. “TxCell’s listing on Euronext in Paris is a major step in accelerating the company’s development and its next-generation cell-therapies”, confirmedDamian Marron, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, in a press release.

    This new type of treatment could “change the life of thousands of refractory patients suffering from inflammatory auto-immune diseases such as Crohn’s disease” he added.

    Source:  Team Cote d’Azur

  • 2013 Dec, Featured Member of the month: SEAREN


    2013 Dec, Featured member of the monthEmmanuel Briquet, Managing Director @ SEAREN

    1ebaa44Educational background in chemistry and marine aquaculture. Mr. Briquet has founded pioneer companies and managed projects in sustainable marine productions since 1988. He’s involved in number of international official organizations and government affairs related to aquatic resource management.

    Created in 2012, SEAREN is a Ohio based LLC that holds the exclusive license for the Americas of the Vacuum AirLift (VAL), a new water treatment system technology. The VAL an innovative and versatile, yet simple, technology platform with three basic functions: particle extraction, circulation, and gas exchange; on high water flow and at low energy. The VAL provides water treatment solutions for many industries, including , aquaculture, micro-algae production, Oil & Gas, desalinization, water depuration etc…


    Searen One-Pager tech Searen One-Pager tech

  • OZ Biosciences now in the USA

    ozb inc2

    ozb inc2

    Due to the rising success of our transfection products, OZ Biosciences is now opening its US office in San Diego, CA.

    It is an exciting opportunity for OZ Biosciences to expand its worldwide representation that will enable our North American customers to benefit from a new level of services through OZ Biosciences Inc.

    Customers in America can directly order through OZ Biosciences Inc.
    The US team at our new office location will be pleased to serve you with the quality and service you can expect.

    OZ Biosciences Inc
    4901 Morena Blvd Suite 501
    San Diego CA 92117
    Tel: +1-858-246-7840
    Fax: +1-855-631-0626

    Contact: contactUSA@ozbiosciences.com
    Technical Question : techUSA@ozbiosciences.com
    Order : orderUSA@ozbiosciences.com



    OZ Biosciences SAS FRANCE
    Parc Scientifique de Luminy, case 922, 13288 Marseille Cedex 9, France
    Customer Service: +33 (0) 486 948 516, contact@ozbiosciences.com
    Technical Service: tech@ozbiosciences.com – Fax: +33 (0) 486 948 515
    For more information, visit us at ozbiosciences.com

  • Why organize a French-American biotech network in San Diego?

    French Bio-Beach gathers three different communities:

    * The San Diego biotech community

    * The French biotech community

    * French scientists working in the San Diego area


    Through French Bio-Beach, all three communities stand to benefit from a tighter collaboration:

    * Increased international visibility to investors and entrepreneurs for the San Diego biotech community

    * Access to sources of capital and exposure to a proven biotech start-up climate for French biotech companies

    * Helping French scientists find job opportunities back at home or in San Diego