• FBB December 2018 – Newsletter

    December 2018 – Newsletter
    This month of December will beautifully close 2018 with 2 featured companies:
    Aspen Biosciences, who is launching a new comprehensive tool for a through exploration of the Biotech market, called Pharm2Market.
    And the in Vivo division of PerkinElmer, with the IVIS in vivo imaging systems and Quantum microCT imaging systems, which are best in class preclinical instruments for robust translational research.
    Companies of the month
    Aspen Biosciences

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    Aspen Biosciences – Pharm2Market

    Aspen Biosciences is a research informatics company which provides software and services to support drug discovery organizations. Some of our previous projects include custom target-, assay-, and compound-management systems designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. We also provide technology selection and implementation services for electronic lab notebook (eLN), and Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS). We have experience implementing systems to support a variety of therapeutic classes including small molecule, antibodies & peptides, and cell-based therapeutics.
    Pipeline – Drug Discovery Portfolio & Project Management
    Over the years we’ve had frequent requests for help developing or integrating project management tools. The challenge for most pharmaceutical companies has been that off-the-shelf applications in this space lack direct support for the science behind drug discovery projects. Tools like Microsoft Project, Jira, SmartSheet, and Asana lack support for target, pathway and literature information. They have no support for meeting and decision tracking, and lack support for lessons learned. To address that, we’ve distilled conversations with dozens of project and scientific portfolio managers in biotech and pharmaceutical companies into a cloud-based application called Pipeline.
    Pipeline helps drug discovery companies answer questions like, “What drug targets and pathways are we working on”, “What is their role in a given disease”, “What recent discoveries have been made (literature searching)”, “Who’s working on the project (project tracking & dashboarding)”, “What tasks are they performing”, “What’s the current status of the project”, “Where are the results from that cell-based assay we screened last month”, “How is this project similar to the project we worked on 5 years ago”, “What did we learn from this project”, “What lessons did we learn from previous projects that we can apply to this project”.

    Pharm2Market – Connecting Drug Discovery Communities
    Pharm2Market is a new service that we’re launching to connect drug discovery startups to news, investors, partners and services to help advance their drug discovery programs.
    If you’re a founder, Pharm2Market can help you find investors, partners and services in your area. We also help you find the resources, everything from finding legal advice on company formation and IP, to finding lab space, lab instrumentation and reagents. We also connect you with resources like the French Bio Beach, and San Diego Venture Group to help expand your network and keep track of all the local networking and conference opportunities.
    If you’re a business development professional, Pharm2Market contains information on over 200 local drug discovery companies. We track the projects, targets, therapeutic areas and therapeutic classes, pathways, and clinical trials that companies are involved in. This makes it easier for you to identify potential partnering and licensing opportunities.
    If your company provides lab space, construction or facilities services, you can use Pharm2Market to identify companies in need of expanded lab space, or lab remodels. If you provide contract research or manufacturing services, Pharm2Market can help you identify customers with Phase 2 and 3 projects who need your services in order to complete their clinical trials.

    To learn more about us or start a conversation, visit us on our web site, or reach out to us on social media:
    Twitter: @AspenBio @Pharm2Market
    Email: info@aspenbiosciences.com


    PerkinElmer In Vivo Imaging
    Image Caption: “IVIS Spectrum 3D bioluminescence reconstruction shows precise localization of GL261-luc2 brain tumor using digital organ map.”

    PerkinElmer Inc, through its Discovery & Analytical Solutions business segment, provides a suite of in vivo imaging solutions (IVIS) comprising reagents, software and instrumentation.  This powerful suite of tools allows researchers to visualize cellular and biological functions as well as anatomical and physiologic changes non-invasively in whole, live animals. 

    Optical imaging
    PerkinElmer’s IVIS instrument platform boasts several models each with somewhat different features and benefits and each designed to fit within almost any research budget.

    PerkinElmer’s flagship IVIS instrument is the IVIS Spectrum.  The Spectrum is the most advanced optical imaging system on the market combining high throughput (2D) optical imaging and full tomographic (3D) optical imaging in one platform.  The IVIS Spectrum is capable of ultra-sensitive bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging.  Bioluminescent sensitivity is achieved by using a cooled (-90ºC) camera with large CCD chip area and low F-stop.  With an exquisite signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) better than any other instrument on the market, the IVIS Spectrum has even been shown capable of detecting as few as five cells subcutaneously in nude mice.  For fluorescence applications, the IVIS Spectrum employs an optimized set of high efficiency filters (400nm to 900nm) and patented spectral unmixing software algorithms which grant researchers the ability to image and quantify all commonly used fluorophores, including fluorescent proteins, dyes and conjugates. 
    Going beyond just 2D imaging, full tomographic (3D) optical imaging can also be achieved with the IVIS Spectrum.  This allows researchers to analyze 3D sources in an anatomical context and quantify the of number of cells and/or the dye concentration.  Additionally, the 3D optical data can be co-registered with other tomographic technologies such as MR, PET or CT through PerkinElmer’s LivingImage multimodality software module.
    MicroCT Imaging
    Preserving the historical sweet spot of microCT imaging, PerkinElmer’s Quantum GX2, is an excellent imager for studying bone in exquisite detail.  But, thanks to its unique flat panel CMOS detector and its cardiac and respiratory gating tools, the Quantum GX2 also excels at providing functional information, such as cardiac function estimation or perfusion, as well as other soft tissue applications.
    Image Caption: “Quantum GX2 image of a mouse heart scanned using a four minute gated scan with CT contrast.”
    As previously mentioned, microCT has historically and primarily been used as a tool for capturing bone and skeletal image data, but bone data analysis was tedious and cumbersome.  To rectify this, scientists at PerkinElmer built AccuCT—a one-of-a-kind advanced, automated bone analysis software tool.  Designed to automatically segment bones and perform ASBMR morphometric analysis, AccuCT enables researchers at all levels of experience to perform advanced bone analysis in a user-friendly workflow-based software package.  In addition to facilitating data analysis, AccuCT’s 3D rendering capabilities produce high impact images for manuscripts and presentations with just a few mouse clicks. 
    Image Caption: “AccuCT from PerkinElmer automates bone identification, segmentation and analysis.”
    Through its advances in optical imaging and innovation with microCT imaging, PerkinElmer continues to open new doors for academic researchers and industry scientists alike.  Optical image data and microCT data can even be co-registered to better understand disease nuances in all its dimensions.
    To learn more about how in vivo imaging can help advance your research please contact your in vivo imaging specialist, Marc Guerra, at (619) 302-8405 or marc.guerra@perkinelmer.com

    Next Breakfast Event
    Because you are already sweet enough!
    Considering the significant increase of sugar consumption and commitments during the period of Christmas and New Year, the FBB committee board will hold on the Breakfast networking event until February.


    Happy Hour Networking Event
    bella vista social club & caffe
    December 14th
    from 5pm to 7pm (PST)
    Celebrating the end of the year. Come to tell us about your 2018 achievements and plan your 2019 expectations with a drink together.
    Social Activity
    Last chance to get your voice heard if you want to promote your favorite activities.
    First round of activity would open on Sunday, January 20, 2019 (10am-12pm).
    For now, six activities are leading the way: Hike, Surf, Pool (billiard), SUP/Kayak, Snorkeling, Tennis.


    Local News/Events
    Professional opportunities
    Antibody Design Labs is recruiting!
    We are looking for a part-time Office Assistant at our new location. The person will be in charge of diverse office clerk duties including helping with shipping and receiving, ordering and maintaining supply, managing files, recording information, greeting clients and visitors and coordinating team work and communication, among others. A strong organizational skill is welcome.
    Please send inquiry with resume at:  support@abdesignlabs.com
    We wish you happy holidays and hope to see you at our events!
    Kevin Adam, Beatrice David Shevlin and Stephane Richard of the French BioBeach team
    Follow our events and share to your friends/colleagues


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  • FBB November 2018 – Newsletter

    November 2018 – Newsletter
    After a month of October rich in networking events, November is following with the same momentum. Here are our news and activities for the upcoming month. In November our featured company is Cypre.
    Company of the month
    Cypre, Inc. has developed a simple 3D cell culture platform and tested protocols enabling scientists to assay complex tumor biology, including ex vivo (patient, PDX, mouse), tumor-stromal and tumor-immune coculture studies.


    VersaGel® is our proprietary, biocompatible 3D matrix that has the benefits of a hydrogel with the functional relevance of an extracellular matrix (ECM). Its design allows for cellular adhesion (through integrin binding sites, e.g. RGD), tumor and immune cell invasion, and MMP-degradation, mimicking the multiple phases of tumor progression.  VersaGel-Immunology is optimized for immune cell infiltration assays and VersaGel-Oncology, used in solid tumor assays, comes in three formulations for different growth conditions of various tumor cell types – Soft, Standard, Stiff. VersaGel is amenable to various methods of analysis, including high content imaging, plate reading, and flow cytometry following a 30-minute matrix digestion.
    Symphony® is our patented one-button instrument that solidifies VersaGel in microwell plates in 60 seconds. Symphony-24 and Symphony-96 are specifically designed for 24-well and 96-well plates respectively. Not much wider than a microtiter plate, the Symphony’s small footprint allows it to easily fit in your bio-safety cabinet further streamlining your workflow.
    Contact Robert Lynde (robert@cypre.co) to learn more about our demo program.
    Copyright© 2018 Cypre, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Next Breakfast Event



    Join us for a casual breakfast. This month Abbiotec will host the event. Abbiotec offers years of expertise making antibodies and assay kits for catalog products to the scientific and biotech community.
    When? Wednesday, November 7th
                from 8:00 to 9:30 am (PST)
    Where? 7985 Dunbrook Road,
    Suite A – San Diego, CA 92126

    Contact : (858) 586-0500  

    Happy Hour Networking Event
    bella vista social club & caffe https://ecp.yusercontent.com/mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.evbuc.com%2Feventlogos%2F31248%2Fbellavista-2.jpg&t=1540866915&ymreqid=6ccb5610-53a0-1f6f-1c20-110001011c00&sig=unkBVS2esapgtA5MkKNLYg--~C
    November 9th
    from 5pm to 7pm (PST)
    Celebrating the Movember. Bring your most beautiful mustache to soak it in a drink together.
    All pattern are welcome!
    Social Activity
    Give us your opinion!
    The FBB community is growing and even if our common interests does not change, our way to interact can evolve. So let`s consider some activities together.
    Special Event
    Saturday, November 10th
    San Diego Fall Regatta 2018 – Sponsored by CureMatch
    If you wish to take advantage of this annual event to communicate/advertise about your company, we are currently open to distribute some goodies on the day of the event. Please contact the FBB Board of directors for any participation.
    Local News/Events
    We wish you a happy Halloween and hope to see you at our events!
    Kevin Adam, Beatrice David Shevlin and Stephane Richard of the French BioBeach team
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  • FBB October 2018 – Newsletter

             French BioBeach October 2018 – Newsletter

    Our newsletter keeps you in the loop of FBB’s News & Events. If for any reason you would like to  
    You are welcome to join us again at a later time
    ~~ French BioBeach Breakfast ~~
    Start October with the traditional French BioBeach Breakfast sponsored jointly by ODEXXO! Network with Biotech professionals in a casual and warm atmosphere, while croissants and coffee will be graciously served:
    When?        Wednesday, October 3rd 2018 
                       from 8:00 to 9:30 am
    Where?      6450 Lusk Blvd, Suite E100
                       San Diego, CA 92121 
    Contact :    (858) 525-2318 
    About ODEXXO and its Founder
    ODEXXO Inc. designs proprietary portable devices for biological specimen collection and in-vitro diagnostic testing, based on immuno-chromatographic lateral-flow assays. The company’s All-in-One Platform offers optimal Ease-of-Use, Convenience and Safety.
    Physicians and Veterinarians around the world have relied on ODEXXO’s Technology to perform Multi-Disease Diagnosis within Minutes in challenging environments, such as at remote Point-of-Care, on the Farm or in the Field. 
    Phuong Nguyen, MBA, is the company’s Founder and CEO.  She has extensive experience launching novel products in the US and European markets, and continuously strives to bring innovations to serve the IVD community.

    Kevin Adam, Beatrice David Shevlin and Stephane Richard of the French BioBeach team, with Phuong Nguyen (CEO of ODEXXO) look forward to seeing you!
    Or just show up!

    ~~ French BioBeach Company of the month ~~ 

      PerkinElmer, Inc. is a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world. Our dedicated team of about 11,000 employees worldwide is passionate about providing customers with an unmatched experience as they help solve critical issues especially impacting the diagnostics and discovery and analytical solutions markets.
    PerkinElmer’s comprehensive portfolio of technologies helps life sciences researchers better understand diseases and develop treatments.
    Scientists and clinicians can gain biological insights to improve outcomes through our discovery instruments and reagents, quantitative pathology platform, informatics software and lab services. 
    Our technologies and expertise have been instrumental in the development of 22 of the newest therapeutic drugs. 
    PerkinElmer’s Operetta CLS™ high-content analysis system enables scientists to uncover deep biological understanding from everyday assays and innovative applications. The system features a unique combination of technologies to deliver the speed, sensitivity and resolution needed to reveal fine subcellular details.
    The Opera Phenix™ high-content screening system is designed for high-throughput phenotypic screening and cellular analysis and is ideal for complex disease models such as live cells, primary cells and 3D cell culture models.
    Find out how PerkinElmer high-content analysis solutions allow robust and predictive discovery by visiting:

    Your West Coast High Content Imaging contact at PerkinElmer is Beatrice David Shevlin: beatrice.davidshevlin@perkinelmer.com
    858 603 2233
    ~~ French BioBeach Happy Hour ~~


    Monthly Happy Hour @ Bella Vista
    Join us for our Happy Hour! Let's enjoy a nice beer or a glass of wine (or both!) Come on! Let's get together:)
    We look forward to seeing you there…!
    When?    Friday, October 12th
                   from 5:00 to 7:00pm

    Free (no host bar)
    & open to all
    or just show up 🙂
    Thank You to our  Partners


    Big Thank You to our Sponsors & Members
    French BioBeach
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  • FBB November 2017 Newsletter

    Our newsletter keeps you in the loop of FBB’s News & Events. If for any reason you would like to  
    You are welcome to join us again at a later time


    Thank You to our  Partners



    Big Thank You to our Sponsors & Members




    French BioBeach November 2017 Newsletter
       Dear French BioBeach community,
    After the success of the last month beakfast at Antibody Design, we are pleased to welcome you TOMORROW (Wednesday 1st) at ABBIOTEC jointly sponsored by ODDEXO. 
    To start this exciting newsletter we will present our FBB events with the traditional networking opportunities –> the Breakfast and the Happy Hour rendez-vous.
    Because to work hard we need to play hard sometimes, our new member SOMMAILLIER will present his concept of wine imported from France in the company of the month section, with an exclusive FBB discount just for you 🙂
    We end this newsletter by some events and news we thought you might enjoy!
    Thanks to your support, we continue to monitor what happens in the Life Sciences community fostering new Partnering and Business Opportunities.
    The French BioBeach Team  Cool
    Upcoming French BioBeach Events
    Coffee & Croissants
    The FBB Breakfast were traditionally on the first Tuesday of the month, but we thought that hump day will work even better!
    So from now on, you are welcome to join us on the first Wednesday of the month to share the yummy croissants and the much needed morning coffee 🙂
    When? Wednesday, November 1st from 8:00 am to 9.30 am


    Where?  Abbiotec  | 7985 Dunbrook Road | Ste A, San Diego | CA 92126


    Monthly Happy Hour @ Bella Vista

    End of the week, Sunset & Happy Hour After Work? Let’s get together for our Monthly Networking Happy Hours. 
    We look forward to seeing you there…!

    When? Friday, November 10th, from 5:00 to 7:00pm


    Where?  Bella Vista Social Club & Caffe, 2880 Torrey Pines Scenic Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037 

    Look for our French BioBeach sign!


    Free (no host bar)
    & open to all

    or just show up 🙂

    Whether you would like to come debrief recent events or come discuss your latest startup project, the needs of your company (funding, advisors, people, CRO, IP attorney …), your latest scientific discovery (that you have of course already covered by a provisional), or just grab a TGIF drink and a glimpse of the sunset over the ocean with a bunch of international men & women of the San Diego biotech community, come join us at Bella V. .. and don’t worry, you don’t have to be French or speak French …


    Company of the Month
    SOMMAILIER : a wine club created through 5 generations of French wine making experience
    For this month featured “company of the month”, we’d  like to introduce a newly created company here in San Diego,  SOMMAILIER! This is not yet another new microbrewery but   instead a brand new kind of boutique wine club 100% dedicated to French wines created by San Diego local and Bordeaux-native, Laurent Yung. He comes from five generations of French winemakers and has  access to exclusive, boutique French wines through his many connections in France. That’s the reason he started Sommailier – to share exclusive handcrafted wines that you can’t find in the U.S. with people who love French wine or want to learn more about it. Best part? The wine is shipped directly to your door every three months! And you can also send it as a gift to your wine lover friends or colleagues.Members will not only receive the bottles, but they will also receive education and information. Each bottle comes with a wine card providing information about the region it was grown and sourced, and the food pairing to accompany it. 
    Learn more about Sommailier and Laurent’s authentic story at www.sommailier.com. If you are interested in joining his club, you can use the code Biobeach20 and benefit from $20 off and free shipping on your first order. Feel free to contact him directly as well at laurent@sommailier.com if you have any question about his wine club.

    CRO Networking Mixer
    Please join on in the McGraw Boardroom at Biocom for a hosted CRO Networking Mixer specially designed for our CRO Members. With over a hundred CRO’s in our membership, this is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of your colleagues expertise in order to foster more collaboration within the CRO Community. 

    When?   November 7th 2017 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
    Where? BIOCOM – McGraw Boardroom                            
    10996 Torreyana Road Suite 200
    San Diego, California  92121


    JLABS San Diego

    Meet with… Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF)
    Dementia is arguably the greatest single global healthcare challenge, affecting more than 47 million people worldwide at an estimated annual cost to the global economy of over US $604 billion…

    When? Tuesday, November 14th |
    10:30 AM to 5:00 PM
    Where? CONNECT
    4790 Eastgate Mall #125
     San Diego | California 92121       


    BioLabs San Diego 

    “Bubbly and Blowouts”


    Join at the new drybar in La Jolla. This is a great event to network with other women in tech and biotech. Space is limited so book your spot and get your tickets.


    When?  Tuesday November 14th 2017

    4:00 PM – 7:00 PM


    Where?  Drybar La Jolla

    8867 Villa La Jolla Drive
    La Jolla, CA 92037                                


    In the News
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific Signs Oncology Companion Diagnostic Development Agreement with Blueprint Medicines 
      MabVax Therapeutics Provides Update on the MVT-5873 Phase 1 Clinical Program and Expansion of Preclinical Development Pipeline at the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference
      Biotech Briefing: UC San Diego, Salk Scientists Awarded NIH Grants
    French BioBeach
    Ph: +1 (858) 215-2462 • www.frenchbiobeach.com