FBB September 2019 – Newsletter

September 2019 – Newsletter
This month, Seelk Design catch our`s eye with their eco-friendly products based on Silicone Edge Graphics. No doubt that it will enthrall you.
In parallel of our recurrent happy hour networking, it is also a pleasure to start again a new series of FBB Breakfast, so do not forget to register.
Company of the month
Seelk Design is a French-American display company, specializing in Booths and Interior Design, ready to make its mark in the science industries. Seelk’s “know how” comes from more than 10 years of experience presenting in Europe and the United States, is at your disposal for all projects, events, conferences, and interior designs with all its adaptability. As a proud member of Biocom and now BioBeach, we understand the issues and needs of displays and presentation media in the science industries. Seelk guarantees a high quality turnkey solution that will save you money and our planet.
Seelk’s innovative framing system allows you to replace your visuals quickly and efficiently, using silicon edge graphics. Save on the cost of an installer, and on replacing displays in their entirety preventing further waste. Choose a green product that’s better for the environment: frames are made of recycled aluminum (intended to be a one-time investment), graphics are recyclable, and inks are aqueous based.
Frames are intended to be modular, have them: connected, hanging, free standing, wall mounted, and even back lit to enhance your visuals. The products can be modified and customized even more by adding: TV monitors, permanent or temporary/movable shelving, iPad stands, brochure holders, ETC.
From standard booth and display packages to custom projects, we can find a solution that will fit to your budget.


Working alongside Solar Turbines, BioCom, and more, we guarantee a high quality product that you can use and reuse. Seelk Design services will assist you with every aspect of your project from design conception, graphic design, production, printing, shipping, installation, dismantling, and even storage. With our offices in San Diego (CA), and France, we can help you present your findings at international and domestic conferences, and trade shows. 
Email project@seelkdesign.com or call us at 858-997-1540 to speak about any upcoming projects.


Explore our website for more products, ideas, and information about SEG and our services!
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LinkedIn and Instagram. For more information and inquiries, please contact us. 

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Breakfast Event
Join us for a casual breakfast. This month CureMatch will host the event.

On September 4th

from 8am to 9.30am

Happy Hour Networking Event
bella vista social club & caffe
bella vista
September 13th
from 5pm to 7pm (PST)
Local News/Events
In the meantime, we hope to see you at our events!

Kevin Adam, Beatrice David Shevlin and Stephane Richard of the French BioBeach team


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