5 San Diego Products Named Top 10 Life Sciences Innovations of 2014



The DRAGEN Bio-IT processor from Edico Genomics. Image courtesy of the company
The DRAGEN Bio-IT processor from Edico Genome. Image courtesy of the company

Four gene-sequencing products and a liver model from San Diego biotechnology companies were named among the top 10 life sciences innovations of 2014 by The Scientist magazine.

La Jolla-based Edico Genome‘s DRAGEN Bio-IT Processor led the list in the Canadian magazine’s December issue. The processor is a card that fits into a standard desktop server and reduces the computational time required for analyzing a whole human genome from 24 hours to 18 minutes.

The IrysChip v2 from BioNano Genomics.
The IrysChip V2 from BioNano Genomics.

BioNano Genomics‘ IrysChip V2 and two gene-sequencing systems from Illumina Corp., MiSeqDx and HiSeq X Ten, were also listed in the article. Both companies are based in the University City area.

The fifth product named is the exVive3D model of human liver tissue developed by Organovo Holdings Inc. in Sorrento Valley. The model can be used in drug discovery.

“We are excited that the IrysChip V2 was not only named to The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations of 2014 but also recognized in the top 5 along with other revolutionary genomics technologies,” said Erik Holmlin, president and CEO of BioNano. “Today, researchers can use the Irys System to discover biologically significant patterns in structural variations, which can be relevant for developing new drugs and diagnostics as well as for creating new agriculture and biofuel products.”

The magazine said its annual competition “has again turned up some exciting new products that are poised to revolutionize the work of life scientists.”

The article noted that one of Illumina’s sequencers “achieves the long-awaited $1,000 human genome milestone” and praised Organovo and Edico Genome for “novel products that caught the eyes of our independent, expert judges.”

Source: Times of San Diego

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