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Abbioteclogo (3) As researchers are focusing their efforts on determining the biological functions, interactions and regulation of the human proteome, Abbiotec is dedicated to developing cell biology-based research tools that assist scientific discoveries. Besides custom services, Abbiotec offers over 12,000 antibodies, proteins, peptides, lysates and kits to assist researchers in understanding human biology and diseases at the cellular and molecular levels.

American Preclinical Servicesaps Founded in 2005, American Preclinical Services (APS) is a State of the Art, ISO 17025 accredited, AAALAC accredited, USDA registered, and GLP compliant Contract Research Organization (CRO) located in Minneapolis, MN. We are a full service CRO performing ISO10993, USP <87>, USP <88>, JMHLW, and custom biocompatibility testing. Our large and small animal research services include interventional, surgical, toxicology, pharmacology, pain, cadaver and bioskills labs and model development. We have one of the largest preclinical capacities in the world including three Siemens catheterization labs. In addition to our in-vivo and in-vitro research services we also offer comprehensive pathology services for the medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. We’ve tailored our processes, capacity, and customer service to keep up with today’s fast paced business cycles. APS will go from a quote to a ready to implement study design with your time lines in full focus.

  Antibody Design Labslogo (1) Founded in 2011, Antibody Design Labs™ is committed to become a leader in the field of recombinant antibody technologies. Over the last 30 years, techniques have rapidly evolved to make antibodies a primary component of modern research, modern diagnostic, and emerging therapeutics. Following the initial discovery of monoclonal hybridomas, technologies such as phage display have become routine in many laboratories. Still, getting the right antibody for the right application can be a long journey where high-throughput approaches can be very effective but at prohibitive costs. Antibody Design Labs™ will be a centralized place to access tools, information, techniques in the field of recombinant antibody generation, engineering and design.

  Elcelyxdownload Elcelyx Therapeutics is developing novel therapeutics based on Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM) science to address unmet needs in the pharmaceutical market. The company's lead proprietary product, metformin delayed-release (Metformin DR; also referred to as “NewMet”) has demonstrated clinical proof-of-concept for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and plans are to initiate a Phase 3 clinical trial later this year in the currently under-served moderate to severe renally‑impaired type 2 diabetes patient population. Metformin DR is being developed to potentially address the needs of the metformin intolerant and renally contraindicated type 2 sub-populations. ADA and EASD guidelines suggest that metformin is the preferred first agent for all patients with type 2 diabetes if not contraindicated and if tolerated. Metformin DR, by virtue of its unique delivery may have clinical utility in both populations.

Ennovdownload (3) Based in San Jose, CA, Ennov Solutions Inc. is a software publisher specializing in Electronic Document Management (EDMS) and Business Process Management (BPM) with a single focus: delivering cost effective, best-of-breed, off the shelf, highly configurable, user friendly solutions to our clients. Ennov solutions assist companies and organizations align their daily activities in conformity with their external and internal regulations and legal environment to gain the true value of their business content. Highly scalable yet easily implemented, the Ennov product line requires minimal use of IT infrastructure and resources. At Ennov, we recognize the limitations of traditional solutions and continually innovate to satisfy business and technical users equally. Ennov caters to the needs of some of the largest companies in the world as well as start-ups in just about every industry. While our customers include hospitals, food and beverage manufacturers, governmental organizations, etc. we specialize in the needs of life-science companies. The wide array of offerings from Ennov allows these clients to build a complete solution that best meets their requirements and eliminates the need for multiple vendors. Ennov is backed and recognized as a strong and sustainable business by Windcrest Partners, NY.

  Explora Biolabslogo (2) Explora BioLabs is a San Diego-based preclinical CRO that provides discovery pharmacology and contract vivarium services to the biotech, pharmaceutical and academic communities. In 2004, Dr. Richard Lin realized that many researchers who require high-quality in vivo data simply lack the resources and expertise to develop their own pharmacology infrastructure. Based on this realization, Dr. Lin founded Explora BioLabs to allow researchers to achieve their goals by virtualizing their preclinical programs.

  Integrium Clinical Researchlogo Integrium is a full-service Clinical Proof of Concept (PoC) Firm focused within the therapeutic areas of Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Renal, Inflammatory, Dermatology, Wound Healing, Regenerative, and Orphan Disease. Although they have the scientific, medical, operational, and regulatory expertise to cover all stages of clinical development (Phase I-IV), Integrium is Expert in the Strategy, Design and Execution of Clinical PoC Trials.

OdexxoODEXXO-logo_90 ODEXXO’s proprietary technology is developed to address the challenges of biological specimen collection and rapid testing. With the support of life science professionals and engineers, ODEXXO, Inc. designs and markets disposable devices for the medical and veterinary in-vitro diagnostic community. Our patented products are self-contained systems used with multiplex lateral-flow assays, ensuring the optimal convenience and safety for end users in a point-of-care and field setting. Our customers include global in-vitro diagnostic manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

OZ Biosciences logo (2) OZ Biosciences is a product development company that creates, develops and commercializes delivery systems of bioactive materials (DNA, siRNA, proteins, antibodies…), intended for the worldwide scientific community and pharmaceutical industries. Our mission is to assist scientists to accelerate the rhythm of discoveries by offering them technologically advanced tools such as transfection reagents and other life science research products. Principal innovations are based on propietary technologies such as Magnetofection (magnetic-assisted transfection or infection), Magneto-Biolistic and lipids-based delivery systems. Specialized and expert in drug delivery systems, we also provide custom transfection service and are involved in many international research projects.

Phyco-Biotechdownload (4) Our experts are in the field of extraction and purification of fluorescent labels for fifteen years and their skills are internationally recognized by many companies. In addition, we obtained the Young Innovative Company status in 2011, and we are eligible for research tax credit since October 2013. Today, Phyco Biotech is able to offer a wide range of highly purified natural fluorescent labels for medical diagnosis. Thus, building on the development of its human and technical assets, Phyco-Biotech has expanded its activity to two other sectors, both food supplements and cosmetics.

Prestwick Chemicaldownload (5) Prestwich Chemical, a premium provider of medicinal chemistry services and smart screening libraries was founded in 1999 by Prof. C.G. Wermuth, a world-known expert in medicinal chemistry, along with top scientists from Strasbourg University. The company consists of 30 people and is located in its own purpose built facility in the ’Parc d’Innovation d’Illkirch’ near Strasbourg, at the crossroads between France, Germany, and Switzerland. We provide comprehensive R&D services in early drug discovery, including hit identification and validation, hit to lead, and lead optimization, using our long term expertise supported by state of the art computational technology.

Roowindownload (6) Roowin is a privately owned Contract Research Organisation (CRO) headquartered at Paris, France. Its core business being in high value added fine chemistry, Roowin offers services in the following areas: – GMP synthesis – Clean room synthesis. Laminar flux. Positive pressure and negative pressure (cytotoxic substances) – Lead optimization – Process development & scale up. We have a pilot plant with reactors up to 400l – Custom synthesis – Stability studies – Analytical chemistry services – Cheminformatic services (virtual screening, lead hopping) We are proud to be able to accompany our customers from early drug discovery over process development to medium-scale GMP production, supporting our operations by strong analytical chemistry capabilities.

  Rx TranslationsRx_Translations_Final_314x138 Rx Translations is a woman-owned, boutique translation company specializing in French < > English medical translation. Jenae Spry started Rx Translations to provide quality translations to industries such as healthcare, biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical trials, and she has done so for over 7 years now.

Sanofidownload (1) Sanofi US is part of a leading global healthcare company that discovers, develops, produces and markets innovative therapies to help protect health and enhance people's lives. Along with the other U.S. affiliates, Genzyme, Sanofi Pasteur, Merial and Chattem, we work to prevent and treat the diseases we know about today, as well as those we may face tomorrow. Sanofi US, with headquarters in Bridgewater, New Jersey, employs more than 16,900 professionals throughout the country. At Sanofi, we work for what really matters: health

  San Diego Center for Systems Biology (SDCSB)sdcsb_logo SDCSB began in 2005 as the San Diego Consortium for Systems Biology to bring together scientists across disciplines and institutions, promote collaborative research and training, and to support the exchange of ideas and resources. In 2010, we became one of the National Centers for Systems Biology funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) (Grant #GM085764). SDCSB comprises activities in (i) scientific research, (ii) scientific outreach, and (iii) educational outreach.

Searen Searen is behing the Vacuum AirLift (VAL) technology,download a new, sustainable and efficient water treatment system. It is an innovative and versatile, yet simple, technology platform with three basic functions: particle extraction, circulation, and gas exchange. The VAL provides superior water treatment solutions for many industries, including Oil & Gas, Aquaculture, and Microalgae production.  

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