2013 Dec, Featured Member of the month: SEAREN


2013 Dec, Featured member of the monthEmmanuel Briquet, Managing Director @ SEAREN

1ebaa44Educational background in chemistry and marine aquaculture. Mr. Briquet has founded pioneer companies and managed projects in sustainable marine productions since 1988. He’s involved in number of international official organizations and government affairs related to aquatic resource management.

Created in 2012, SEAREN is a Ohio based LLC that holds the exclusive license for the Americas of the Vacuum AirLift (VAL), a new water treatment system technology. The VAL an innovative and versatile, yet simple, technology platform with three basic functions: particle extraction, circulation, and gas exchange; on high water flow and at low energy. The VAL provides water treatment solutions for many industries, including , aquaculture, micro-algae production, Oil & Gas, desalinization, water depuration etc…


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