2013 Oct, Featured Member of the month: Portable Genomics

Dr Patrick Merel
Founder & CEO
Portable Genomics Inc. started its operations in San Diego in Summer 2013,  following a succesful seed funding round with involved investors. 


Portable Genomics’ founder, Dr. Patrick Merel, is a molecular diagnostic expert  with a long time expertise in high throughput and automation. Patrick has spent  most of his career developing automated and robotics solutions for medical diagnostic, including genetic testing, DNA typing, sequence-based and realtime PCR assays. He has started and directed the Molecular Diagnostic laboratory of Bordeaux Blood Bank Center, moved to Bordeaux University Hospital to automate the Infectious Disease Testing Laboratory and also started HIV testing  facilities in Vietnam. Patrick has also gained extensive experience in business  development from working with the major IVD players, in Asia, Europe and the US.   
Portable Genomics’ main goal is to leverage the growing need for genomic  information to be translated into actionable healthcare and lifestyle adjustments. 


In that sense, Portable Genomics, pioneer in the mobile genomics space with  a consumer-based approach for the visualization and use of genome data and  information, answers the need for user-friendly applications to better understand and use genome information in multiple fields, from personalized and preventive medicine, to unexplored genome-based serious gaming Apps.


Portable Genomics, and its growing team, has joined the Janssen Labs this month and is very happy to have been selected among the high potential  emerging healthcare companies there.


Portable Genomics’ current focus is to serve the pharma industry, through disease specific projects, and reach out to early adopters in the field of genomics  and personalized medicine.
For additional information, please visit www.portablegenomics.com or contact Dr. Merel at Patrick.merel@portablegenomics.com

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